So What’s Next? Bootcamp

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Are you still wondering and searching for an answer? Maybe you’re not-so-secretly hoping that there’s something out there that you’re meant to be doing that’s greater, better, bigger, more fulfilling than what you’re currently doing. Maybe a season of your life has come to an end – and you don’t really know what’s next.

We’ve designed our So What’s Next Bootcamp for individuals ready to take the next steps in their life…if they only knew what those steps were! We bring our many years of experience counseling, coaching, mentoring people in their quest for career and life fulfillment to our interactive, transformative, person-centered bootcamps.

Our Approach:

Design thinking is an innovation methodology that helps companies worldwide solve complex problems and it is a methodology we can use to make sense of our greatest design challenge, our life.

Stay tuned for our next Bootcamp!