Our Story

Valeria E. Lopez, Founder & CEO

Values: Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Human Potential

Growing up, I often heard my grandmother say that “al son que me tocan bailo,” literally meaning to dance to the rhythm or beat played. More loosely translated, it means to continually adapt to the rhythm of life.  My grandmother taught me that to dance to the “son” or beat is to listen intently and respond with curiosity.

“Al son que me tocan bailo” is the bedrock of my work – which spans across sectors from education to healthcare. Through the years, I have listened intently and responded with curiosity as I have helped organizations and teams turn the beat around to increase productivity and create a healthier, happier workplace.

What sets my heart on fire is helping organizations thrive by harnessing the power of their people. OnBeat Consulting merges my two great loves – my love of dance with my love of organizational development and training. I consider myself a lifelong learner as the music never stops!

When I’m not in front of an audience or facilitating discussions, I am training for salsa dance competitions, supporting disaster relief efforts and serving meals to the homeless.

And what else? I hold a Bachelors degree from Manhattanville College and a Masters degree from Brown University. I am certified in True Colors Personal Success, True Colors Communication and the MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Ability model.