Custom Training Solutions

We design dynamic training programs to meet your professional development needs – whether it’s a full-day, half-day or two-hour session. 

Our Learning Promise: We create training programs that are

  1. Relevant – We tie our learning content to your organizational goals.
  2. Interactive – We believe in creating learning experiences that are fun (who said learning is boring?!), memorable and above all, bring people together.
  3. “Sticky” – We work with you to make sure the learning “sticks” long after the training program ends.

Our Toolbox includes:

True Colors Personality Assessment: People march (or dance) to the beat of their own drum…and they can be difficult. But are they trying to be difficult? Or is something getting lost in translation? We use a True Colors personality framework to help teams understanding their True Color – from Straightforward Orange to Caring Blue to Detailed Gold to Thinking Green.

Emotional Intelligence Ability Model: Emotions contain data and influence our thinking. Research shows that teams that are high in emotional intelligence perform more effectively in a shorter time. Emotional intelligence creates a more positive work environment and better quality relationships.

Design Thinking:Design thinking is a human-centered approach used by companies worldwide to innovate and create solutions to complex problems. Too often, organizations jump to solutions without fully understanding the nature of the problem or the people affected by the proposed solution. Design thinking is a powerful tool that turns problems into questions with multiple solutions or prototypes to test, revise and retest.

Are you ready to learn more?

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  2. Allow us to create a customized training plan for your organization.
  3. Let’s bring the plan to life.
  4. Enjoy a happier workplace.